About The Biogeologist

Welcome to The Biogeologist, your source for exploring everything in the natural world – from the latest scientific discoveries to background articles about all aspects of geology, wildlife and climate.


The Biogeologist was founded in 2014 and is owned by Robin van der Ploeg, a geologist from the Netherlands. Initially, this site was created as an information source for science enthusiasts, but since then it has grown to cover the wonders of the natural world for a wider audience.


At The Biogeologist, we wish to share knowledge. We aim to strike a balance between the information found in popular media, encyclopedias and academic journals. By integrating heartfelt passion, high editorial standards and academic experience, we seek to establish an engaging online platform for aspiring explorers and professional scientists alike.


At The Biogeologist, we focus on all aspects of the natural world. We explore subjects at the crossroads of the natural sciences and have selected four major themes at the core of our content: Earth & Rocks, Life & Biodiversity, Atmosphere & Oceans and Space & Time. Within this scope, important subjects include the geological history of the Earth, the evolution of life and climate change.


At The Biogeologist, we value our content. We feel that all content should be enjoyable and that the way in which it is presented should be tailored to the level of interest of the reader. Therefore, we present our content in several different forms, including a series of featured articles on all aspects of the natural world, short and straightforward news updates from various disciplines of the natural sciences, and comprehensive reference articles on a wide range of natural phenomena. In addition, we explore some of the most beautiful and iconic locations on Earth and will soon feature our own gallery of stunning images.


At The Biogeologist, we maintain high standards. We ensure that our content is of excellent quality before we publish it and we will always refer to the original sources of our information and media.

Site header image: Quartzite sandstone pillars of the Wulingyuan mountains in Zhangjiajie, China. Credit: Chensiyuan, Wikimedia Commons.

Site icon: Earth as seen from space, also known as the Blue Marble. Credit: NASA/NOAA/Reto Stöckli.